Tower Conquest Will Be Released On Dec 23 And Here's How To Play It.

Tower Conquest Will Be Released On Dec 23 And Here's How To Play It.

You must have been waiting for this grand release for a long time. As the Tower Conquest Guessing Game became a marketing bomb in early December, we could feel your genuine enthusiasm and tremendous excitement toward the new update.


Now, we are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Tower Conquest will be available on December 23 at 00:00 A.M. UTC.

To play Tower Conquest, you must get HeroVerse updated to the latest version on Google Play (Android)/App Store (iOS) or version B59 for Windows.

Check update now:

Android | iOS | Windows


Basically, Tower Conquest is a daily arena, where a player competes against five other players to pass through stages in the Tower and receive HER and HES. Each stage works quite similarly to Battle mode. Sounds normal, huh? No!!!

What makes Tower Conquest special is that you CANNOT use your own line-up as usual. The Tower will show you some RANDOM heroes and you have to choose four to form a whole NEW line-up dedicated to Tower Conquest.

The new line-up is obviously LESS powerful than one in Battle mode and can ONLY get strengthened by Buffs after clearing a stage. This will pose a huge challenge to you since you have to overcome power limitations and adapt to a new play style. However, to avoid making players frustrated, Tower Conquest allows players to retry as many as they can to clear a stage.

Players need to pay $HER 100/day to join Tower Conquest. The higher stage players reach, the higher reward they receive. 3 top players who surpass other players and reach the highest stage will get the most reward in $HER, which may higher than the initial $HER 100; otherwise,  the other three players who sit at the bottom may receive LITTLE TO NO REWARD. As a result, these competitive rules urge players to push their limits to become the best among the six.

Note: 5% of deposited $HER will be reserved for reward pools or events in the future. HeroVerse Team is NOT benefited by this reservation.


It's enough time for bragging about our wonderful game. Let us guide you through some easy steps to experience this brand-new mode. Are you ready?

Now, just get your HeroVerse app updated as we mentioned above, then tap or click to open HeroVerse. On the main menu, go to "Activities". You can see a tab open with Tower Conquest in there. Smash the "GO" button like you have nothing to lose.

The Tower then will provide you with some basic rules and require you to pay $HER 100 to get started. Smash "GO" and deposit 100 $HER to join.

After making the deposit, Tower Conquest should show you a list of three random heroes. Tap or click on the one you desire, and the screen switches to another list. Repeat this four times to form your line-up.

Once you finish, you will see your line-up at the bottom and a billboard above. You can check which position you are in and how good you are compared to other players. When you are ready, hit "GO" to start competing.

At this point, a battle between four heroes and enemies will occur, as always. Try your best to win the battles and clear the stage. After you win, the screen switches to a pop-up, allowing you to pick a buff to strengthen your heroes. Please choose wisely.

After that, the screen switches back to the billboard screen. You can click on the Buff list button (with a book-like shape) to check your current buffs or continue fighting by clicking "GO".

The steps will repeat again and again for each stage you clear. However, you should be flexible and adaptive when making strategies and equipping buffs for your line-up since the enemies will get much stronger, and the competitors may surpass you.

Within 24 hours, Tower Conquest will reset, and rewards will be granted to you based on the rank you currently achieve.

Now, it is time for you to practice Tower Conquest. Just pay attention, make a good strategy, choose buffs wisely and pray for some luck.

Let us become the conquerors of the Tower!

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