Daniel: Hi everyone, nice to meet you today. Nice to meet you @HangBD (Raven's username). I'm ready! 😉

Raven: Welcome, boss! ☺️ Let's move to the first segment.

Daniel: Actually, I waited a while.🤝🤝

Raven: HeroVerse has been launched for a while and received great support from the community. Can you briefly share the recap about the project?

Daniel: Well, it's been a long time since HeroVerse took its first steps. Thank you so much, everyone, for always standing by and supporting HeroVerse

We've been through a lot of milestones so far. I'll repeat it a bit


- Launch of the first Stake feature

- Sell HeroBox

- Launch a Marketplace with features such as listing, trading, auction, offering.

- Launch Beta testing and was highly appreciated in the community

- Launch of Hero Farming feature

- Release game

- Release Tower conquest

HeroVerse has also cooperated with MEXC and will list on MEXC tomorrow, as everyone knows.

It can be said that HeroVerse has experienced some significant milestones. We are still entering the winter period and promise the project will thrive again in the summer.

Aiming for a sustainable road, I hope everyone understands HeroVerse team still believes in and focuses on developing the project in the best way.

Thank you!

Raven: Thank you for such a detailed answer 💃Now, let's move to the next section.


Raven: First question...

Q1. @DanilGaidamakin There are so many different blockchain games out there. What advantages does HeroVerse have over others?

Daniel: We have a smart game economy to avoid inflation (like Axie); Crypto Hero mechanism also makes the game more exciting and crypto-friendly.

Although HeroVerse is NFT Game, it is going in a different direction than most other NFT Games With HeroVerse, by using the "Play-and-earn" model, we always try to increase the arts and user's experiences.

Raven: Great! Next is one question every newcomer cares about 😄

Daniel: Wow, I have a very different feeling when doing AMA at my house

Raven: Haha 🤣

Q2. @lauratlg My question is, do you have a video or tutorial that explains how to buy the heroes and then play HeroVerse?

Daniel: I think our HeroVerse user guide series is the answer for you 😄 You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXswm3tq1c_NlZpHTykOwPorwghhJIfkW

Daniel: HeroVerse was created not only for users familiar with crypto but also for non-crypto users. This series will step by step help newbies discover and participate in our game in the most detailed and understandable way.

Raven: Hope not only newbies but also veterans will find it helpful 👍

Daniel: I hope it will be beneficial to everyone. Soon I will translate them into local languages

Raven: That's nice!

The next question is about the new feature in the game

Daniel: Wow, about Tower, I think

Raven: It is about PVP mode 😄


Q3. @HeinischD Will there be different PVP modes? E.g., with your heroes vs. randomly drafted ones? I liked the mechanics of tower conquest and thought it could attract new players due to more fun with a lower entry barrier.

Daniel: Thanks for your compliments for Tower Conquest. I see what you mean. You want to have random Hero mechanics like Tower, then bring these Heroes to fight with other players, right? This mechanism is great, but it only really works when we have a massive number of Heroes, Pets, and skills. I have also referenced in other games at the moment, there will only be a mechanism: players use their Heroes to fight other players.

A great question, thanks!

Raven: I also really like this mode 🤣

Daniel: I see :))

I do not encourage you to play games during working hours 😉

Raven: 😎So let's move to the next question boss


Q4. @AmberWi08933771 (TW) Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Daniel: This is probably one of the most concerning issues at the moment, right?

Raven: That's right

Daniel: Token burn is essential to any project, not except HeroVerse

- 100% of the $HER tokens used to buy the first box have been burned

- All $HER tokens in the 2nd and 3rd box sales will be burned

- All $HES tokens players use to upgrade Hero will be burned

We will announce the last 2 hero box sales token burn. We plan to do that burn at the end of this month. Once the MEXC listing is finished, I will make an announcement about it and publicize the wallet used to hold these tokens.

Raven: Surely, this has answered the concern of many users. Last question for this segment before moving on to live questions

Q5. @jannat_fabiha (TW) You have mentioned three types of earning mechanisms, trading, renting & lucky spin (Gacha). It seems all these options are not fixed-income opportunities. Spin is totally based on our luck. Don't you offer any passive income options such as saving or staking?

Daniel: Hmm, about the passive income options, we have:

- Farming, you earn $HES and $HER with this mechanism

- Renting Hero (in the future), you can rent your Hero to get profit

- Renting your game Account. This mechanism was beyond my expectations, but I have seen many people rent out their accounts or hire others to play games for them. It's a pretty good way, so I'll include it here too.

Raven: Thank you for your answer. I think many people don't know these passive income options. Thank you for your response!

I think many people don't know these passive income options.

So let's move to the most exciting segment: Live Q&A

Section 3: LIVE Q&A

Raven: In this Session, we will unmute the chat for 30 seconds so everyone can send your questions to participate in the AMA

@daniel_heroverse (Daniel's username) Boss, are you ready?

Daniel: I am ready!


Armin (an administrator): Thanks for the vast number of questions. Daniel will be pleased about this.

Daniel: I don't understand why there are so many questions, but I will prioritize questions that I have never answered

Raven: I know our CEO is very eager to answer all 😊 Please choose the best 5 answers.

Daniel: Let's go

Raven: 💃

Armin: Daniel is the man who spends 40 hours a day answering questions:))))

Q1: Dao Richard: When is Hero renting going to be released? I don't see it in the roadmap.

Daniel: [In reply to Dao Richard]

This will be a milestone added to the roadmap. We will finalize and announce this feature in the future.

In general, when I lease a hero to you, you will have the right to use that Hero in the game, but the Hero will still be owned by me. The rental fee will be agreed upon by both parties.

But the balance of benefits that Hero brings between the lessee and the lessor needs to be calculated carefully. So we are considering this a lot about this.

While waiting for this feature to roll out, users can lend their accounts to others to play the game. This won't affect your wallet.

Raven: Congrats on 1st winner

Armin: @yaraht17 is the first winner #1st

Q2: mebeingme: tbh, I was quite interested in the Tower mode when it was first released. It's super fun to play. However, many people, in general, and I, in particular, see that Tower mode is not fair play for everyone, even though the teams said that it's equal for anyone in the first place. For more precise insight (or the one I would like to change if I'm the dev), some people can choose epic, legend, even mythic... while others can only choose uncommon, not to mention the common 😕. Do you have any comments on this?

Daniel: [In reply to mebeingme]

The Tower is very fair when players do not need to use their Hero to participate. Although there is still an element of luck when the rarity of each Hero selected by the player is different, the luck ratio is equally divided for everyone. In addition to luck, skill is vital. As everyone knows, if you are a good player, you may not be lucky today, but you will not be unlucky forever.

Raven: Thank you for the profound cut explanation into this

Armin: @mebeingmie is the second winner #2nd

Q3: Dr. Thanh: The current market is not good. Will this affect HeroVerse? Are you worried about this?

Daniel: [In reply to Dr. Thanh]

If I say I'm not nervous, I'd be lying. The lousy market has affected HeroVerse more or less. But I'm worried about the market, not about HeroVerse, I see it, and everyone sees it. Nevertheless, HeroVerse is an excellent game, and I believe we will succeed.

Raven: 🎉congrat 3rd winner

Armin: Dr. Thanh is the third winner #3rd. I can't find your username though, sure will contact you after AMA.

Chloe (another administrator): Two more ☹️

Armin: Only two more. Who that's gonna be?

Q4: Andrew: HeroVerse seems to struggle, but I still rate it as a great project because it really does too well compared to other NFT games. Do you have any plans for next year?

Daniel: [In reply to Andrew]

Thank you so much for understanding us and appreciating HeroVerse. In the coming year, everyone looks forward to other great features of HeroVerse:

- PVP: It will be an exciting feature not inferior to Tower

- Clan, Event: Maybe I don't need to explain much about this feature. It's as the name suggests, and there will be a lot of offline activities around it

- Governance: From the moment this feature launches, you - our investors, can contribute to determining the future directions of HeroVerse

We are always trying to make the product more and more perfect. Stay with us always 🤝

Armin: HeroVerse team! Please send love to all of our supporters!!! ❤️

@TokenXHunter is the fourth winner #4th

Q5: Trung Nguyen

1. Currently, Heroverse has just over 2000 players holding NFTs out of a total of 14,700 NFTs, which is too small for our community. So do you have any plans to attract new players and let the community know more about the game?

2. With the arrival of tower mode, players can earn HER in the game, so everyone will focus on plowing HER, thus reducing the value of HES coin because the price of HER is now higher than HES great number of.

So now HES coins are only used to upgrade HERO, no other purpose. So naturally, that makes the community skeptical about the usefulness of the HES coin. Do you realize that? And how to improve?

Daniel: [In reply to Trung Nguyen]

1. I know that we've been planning it too. People can see what we're doing. But I'll only give a specific answer when I'm sure about that plan. Please wait for the latest announcements from us

2. Your questions are excellent. You're right, we'll need more mechanics for players to use $HES, but we need time to plan and implement all of that. I would like to acknowledge this comment for the following updates.

Raven: Thank you for the information that has never been shared before 🙏

Downphim: Nếu bạn trai raven mà mải mê chơi heroverse mà không quan tâm tới cô ấy, thì cô ấy sẽ xử lý vấn đề này thế nào?

Daniel: [In reply to Downphim | Heroverse Serial]

We have done 5 questions, But I noticed this question

Armin: @nntrung04 is the last winner #5th Very wise question, congrats.

Raven: 😎Today HeroVerse internal AMA has ended 🎉Thanks to CEO @daniel_heroverse joining and providing us with any information. Do you have any last words to say to our community?

Daniel: Thank you, everyone, 😉I hope everyone got more information from the project after today's AMA.

Raven: The chat will be unmuted now



HeroVerse is the first Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Game on Binance Smart Chain. It makes use of the Play-and-Earn model by focusing more on gameplay, 3rd art design, and user experience. Players can form a squad of 4 heroes to enter the battle, explore the lore of the adventure and earn crypto rewards.

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