The Agenda of  the AMA:

Part 1️⃣ Daniel presents the game’s update recap.

Part 2️⃣ Daniel answers pre-selected questions from Tele and Twitter.

Part 3️⃣ Daniel answers live questions from members.

💰Reward pool - $100 (5 pre-selected from Twitter/Tele announcement, 5 from live Q&A)


Ivy: Can you briefly present the new game economy update?

Daniel: There are a lot of changes in this update, so I will summarize a bit

- Community Treasury

- Hero Box Sale

- In-app purchases

- Crystalize feature

- Fused Hero (Hero Burning Mechanism)

For more detailed information, please follow this link to our latest blog: https://blog.heroverse.io/everything-you-need-to-know-about-heroverse-game-economy/

Beside that, we also have a number of new updates that will be announced in the near future, including:

- New Map

- HES Tower Entry

- Hard mode

We will also have a brief introduction and detailed article about these features as soon as possible


Part 2 includes the 5 best questions picked from our community

Question 1. @Dannytje2903 With players currently being rewarded with Hero shards and the summoning of heroes with it for leveling up the heroes. Are players gonna get any rewards for gaining an extra 10 levels for each hero and will it be possible for the players to still summon any heroes from ingame rewards? If not, will the Hero shards system remain, and will it get a different feature ingame?

Daniel: The summon feature, as announced, will be removed because the box is sold constantly. This also means that players will no longer need to awaken a hero every 10 levels. When leveling up, the hero will increase in energy, attack power, mana as usual and increase quota total (as in fuse feature)

Currently, the summon feature has not been officially closed. Players can still proceed to summon as usual. But I advise you to hurry up (wink) Players who don't have enough 4 shards to summon will get a discount when buying hero boxes.

Thank Danny, this is a good question

Question 2. @sirinnex23 The HeroVerse team is considering a game mode like "New Game+"
this mode is in traditional games.
It means that a player who has passed all the maps by 100% can start the game from 1 map, his heroes have the maximum lvl.
Enemies also with increased damage and hp.
The main differences will only be between the regular game and NG+. On average, the health of enemies here will increase by 2 times. The number of Hes received varies from x2 to x5, the closer to the initial locations the higher, the further the less. In the following games, the health and number of Hes increases not so significantly: in NG2+, compared to NG+, it is 7% more, in NG3+, by 10%, in NG4+, by 14%, in NG5+, by 19%, in NG6+ — by 25%.
This will allow the players to test themselves! and there will be more activity in the game.

Daniel: Your suggestion is also a new point in this update of HeroVerse.  Besides the current game mode in the campaign, hard mode will be added. Same battle, but the difficulty increases. Players will have the chance to challenge themselves and receive the reward once again.

This mechanism will be released right in the next update, we created this mechanism because:

As expected, every month we will release 1 to 2 new maps. This number of new maps is enough for users to play for 1 month, but there are players who are very good, they can pass the maps very quickly and don't know what to do after that.

So, this "Hard mode" mechanism will be a challenge for them, they will not need to wait for a month, but can immediately challenge themselves with higher difficulty, and can continue to earn rewards from playing map

Question 3. @muinlyreol Looking at your project, you focus on a game, basically the game is just entertainment in the eyes of investors. So how does your project turn out to be profitable for investors? Is there a reward system that new players receive?

Daniel: "basically the game is just entertainment in the eyes of investors". Good, but I think investors may not play games, but people who play games are investors, right?

I have divided into 3 main objects in my diagram, let me explain it a bit

You can see, we have 3 main objects:

- traditional player

- crypto player

- $HER holder

The goal of this change is essentially to create the project's treasury

The Treasury mechanism essentially benefits both HER investors and players

"Profit from staking, farming, buy back $HER, buy back $HES"

The Treasury will thrive with our upcoming strategy, which is to reach both the traditional gaming market and the crypto gaming market, like I said a lot at previous AMAs.

There are 2 new player types when joining HeroVerse

* Non-crypto play entertaining games until they become crypto players

* Crypto-players: play games and get profits

Basically, crypto-players need to invest 4 heroes to start playing; then, they will be rewarded with HES through:

- Campaign

- Tower conquest

- Daily raid

- Farming

- Staking

HeroVerse will soon release the Referral feature - where you can get rewarded for referring new players, so stay tuned.

Question 4. @IntelligentPag1 Some early adapters currently have dozens of Heroes and continue to mint new ones at the moment. In the blog there is talk about "Hero fusing", how is this mechanism gonna work? I assume fuse x amount Heroes, with a minimal uncommon Hero but higher % of rarity possible? Thank you

Daniel: A lot of people question this new feature. In essence, "fused" is the burning Hero mechanism.

Basically as shared in the blog, fuse a hero is to reduce NFT inflation and increase %Quota (limit of earned HES) for heroes. Each hero will have 1 quota affected by pet, hometown, level. When a hero reaches its quota, the hero's HES earning rate will plummet which means the player will not get 100% of the HES earned from a battle. Now the player has 2 ways:

- Switch to a new Hero to play for 100% reward

- Fuse unused Hero so that main heroes' quota back to 100%

- Level up heroes

After the launch of this feature, I heard from some players in the community  that we should increase the level of benefits for players when they use the "fused" mechanic to stimulate more "fused" heroes, as soon as the new update is out I will do something more there

For example: after each fused hero, player will receive a ticket to play tower conquest, don't hesitate to send us the ideas you think are reasonable

I will have a detailed article on the quota formula too.

Question 5. @Tomie_chana There are many barriers for non-crypto players to access the HeroVerse game — NFT game, so can you tell us how will you address the barrier for non-crypto players? How will you give knowledge to the non-crypto players about your game?

Daniel: I understand that it is not easy for a traditional player to access NFT games. Therefore, the ''Play more to be more'' campaign (open to traditional gamers) is a way for us to remove the above barriers

Think about it, how to make the majority of traditional gamers, when they know HeroVerse, find a way to set up a wallet, buy tokens, deposit tokens, connect the wallet to the game, go to the marketplace to buy Heroes, then play the game?

I have thought a lot about this, and also done many ways

It is possible to get traditional users to do those things to play HeroVerse, but the effect is very low

So why don't we make things simpler? We all know that in this update, the more new users, the bigger the treasury, the more the project grows

Soon we will release the In-app purchase feature: non-crypto players can buy heroes without having to create a wallet or transfer tokens through many steps. Non-crypto players also make a profit in the game, however, if they want to withdraw profits, they will need to convert themselves into crypto players.

We also have detailed articles and video guides for everyone to easily access the crypto world step by step and understand HeroVerse gameplay. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXswm3tq1c_NlZpHTykOwPorwghhJIfkW


In part 3, Daniel will choose 5 most interesting live questions from members and answer directly 😎

The chat will be unmuted for 30s so everyone can send their questions to participate in the AMA


Daniel: There are fewer questions than I thought, but it also means that you probably understand what I'm trying to do. I will only choose the 5 most different questions, the questions I have answered or match the answers above I will not choose, I am sorry about that

Question 1: @SsKats How will the non-crypto player start the game? Do they have to buy 4 heroes immediately with in-app purchase? If yes, what's the price, same as a crypto player? Cuz I don't think ppl gonna spend like 100$ to begin a game and not earn anything like a crypto player.
And pls reconsider not to disable the summon feature?

Daniel: In this update non-crypto player will have to buy 4 Heroes to play the game, I also thought of giving them 1 or 2 heroes to play and those heroes won't make any profit, but that's just is an idea, I want to see the effect of this update

If you're worried about new players finding it hard to spend $100 on a game that isn't profitable for them, I have to say that's not true.

Look at the revenue of these games, the players that play the game are all non-crypto gamers, and the game isn't profitable for them either.

About the "summon feature", As far as I judge it shouldn't be in this update, give this update the time to prove. Then we can continue to ponder the matter

Question 2: @olehserhiyovych Hello Daniel!
My question is:
It applies to Hero shards, a new economic model in the game.  As far as I understand, the game will have nft-weapons or artifacts.  Can make the purchase of certain enhancements - artifacts or nft-weapons available for purchase on HRS ? For example, the purchase will cost 2 HRS  + 1000 HES.  This in turn will make it possible to choose how you can use it.  Discount for buying boxes or improving performance.  Not all improvements will be available for HRS, some of them. More flexible use of HRS.
The player will have a choice.
Thank you Daniel!

Daniel: This is the second question, now HRS will be used to reduce the price of the box, so don't worry when you own hrs. The weapon feature is also coming, and it's a good idea to keep the "awaken" mechanism and we have more things to do with HRS.

But I will also need to consider this a lot, for example, is it really necessary to have an extra item like HRS when we already have $HER and $HES

Thanks for your suggestion, let's looking forward to weapon mechanics

Question 3: @Andrei888888 Hello!
In order for people to have an interest in the game, they must understand how much they can earn. The first question I get asked is how much income.
How much $ per day/month can a player earn under the new scheme in the game? (For example with a team of Heroes level 40)
Please consider giving out limited number of unique Heroes to Early Players
Believe me, this will increase loyalty to the project, all early players who receive such cards will become free ambassadors of the project and will support it in every possible way.
Please tell us in detail about how the referral system will be implemented in the game?

Daniel: Well, I think I should answer this question

a. How much $ per day/month can a player earn under the new scheme in the game? (For example with a team of Heroes level 40)

I can't say for sure about the ROI of the player playing the game, as you know, the ROI depends a lot on how the player plays the game like:

How is the hero upgraded, do they want to continue to explore the map or not? How do they complete the daily quests, do they achieve high results in the Tower, how is their lineup for PVP?

But I will have some information about $HES for everyone

- In-game HES reward increased by 200%

- There will be more ways for players to make profits such as: Tower conquest using HES, hard mode feature

- Token HES will be balance by Treasury as I said

And maybe in the PVP mechanism too

b. Please consider giving out limited number of unique Heroes to Early Players

Believe me, this will increase loyalty to the project, all early players who receive such cards will become free ambassadors of the project and will support it in every possible way.

As far as I understand, you want a special Hero for early players, I will consider that, but I can also reveal that we are continuing to draw new heroes, maybe it is what you want to talk about

Maybe I'll reveal a bit about that hero's draft, but I need time to find it

c. Please tell us in detail about how the referral system will be implemented in the game?

Sure, the referral mechanism was actually completed, but at the last minute we started having to change the technology when we decided to change the mechanics of the game. Wait for an official article about it instead of me explaining it here. But one thing is for sure, during the initial launch of the referral feature, there will be additional rewards for both the inviter and player who is invited to play the game.

Question 4: @Cowstippin Will traditional and crypto players be able to play against each other in PVP and Tower Conquest?

Daniel: Yes, for sure.

About crypto-player, Of course they can play PvP and tower conquest

About non crypto-player, they can play PVP, but they can not play Tower that using $HER now

That's why we have launched more Tower using $HES, non crypto-player can earn HES via Raid and Map in game

Having more Towers using $HES means that crypto-players can play 2 towers in 1 day

That will increase the rewards they get each day

Question 5: @skalabanih What is the marketing budget?
When will the marketing strategy be announced?


We will announce the plan soon, but at least I will let you know the marketing plan will revolve around the following issues:

- Referral feature: will be available as soon as Marketplace ver 2 is released

- Continue to develop the community towards long-term and sustainable

With the participation of our active ambassadors from many different countries, they will help us spread the words and help newcomers get to know the project.

HeroVerse content will also be translated into local languages for the convenience of local players

- Events: with the entry of new players, HeroVerse will have a lot of events and activities to connect the community and add more rewards for players (weekly, monthly)

- Ads: We also plan to run HeroVerse ads on some platforms. At this point, advertising will be much easier and more effective. In the past, when advertising to 100 gamers, very few of them were crypto-players, but now we can reach the rest of gamers too.

Our game developer, Hiker Games, has a long history not only in game development but also in a very large gaming client base. So while waiting for the right time to boom in marketing activities, we will focus on developing the best product.

If you guys have any other great ideas, please share them with us. I believe that together we will make it happens in 2022 😄



HeroVerse is the first Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Game on Binance Smart Chain. It makes use of the Play-and-Earn model by focusing more on gameplay, 3rd art design, and user experience. Players can form a squad of 4 heroes to enter the battle, explore the lore of the adventure and earn crypto rewards.

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