After the teaser about HeroVerse's Lunar New Year event with the mysterious hint ''CH'' was revealed, HeroVerse players across the communities were excitedly discussing and guessing what this event would be like. Without further ado, here's how you can join the event:

👉 How to join:

  • Step 1: Create a new wallet with 4 common heroes (yes, hint ‘’CH” means ‘’Common Hero’’ 😎)
  • Step 2: Register in the form HERE. Players who do not register in the form will not be recognized as participating in the event
  • Step 3: Spend all your mind thinking of brilliant tactics and play as hard as you can 😎

👉Time: 12:00 January 31 to 12:00 February 14 (UTC)

👉 What's the prize? Up to 35000 HER with a ‘’special’’ prize mechanism as follows:

  • The event's initial prize pool of 9800 HER.
  • The prize pool will be increased by 168 HER for every new valid player. Thus, with 150 players participating, the total reward will reach a maximum of 35000 HER.
  • The top 2 players with the furthest journey in Campaign mode will share the prize pool in ratio 70:30 respectively.
  • Details on the number of players and the final prize pool will be updated once the event is over.

👉 What's more?

The next top 20 players (excluding the top 2) are eligible to share a 20,000 HER prize pool and receive 01 lucky draw ticket to receive 01 random Common/Uncommon Hero from HeroVerse.

👉Important notes:

  • Your game account must be created during event time: from 12:00 January 31 to 12:00 February 14.
  • There are 4 common heroes in your game account. Any account with more than 4 heroes is invalid.
  • We do not limit the base level of 4 heroes.
  • If your heroes are transferred without going through the marketplace, they will be locked for 3 days in game.
  • Adding external heroes or any cheating conduct is prohibited. Otherwise, HeroVerse has the right to disqualify the account from the event. We can detect cheat by checking in-game logs to ensure fairness.

We welcome ALL players to join the fight, no matter what level you are 😎 So don’t waste another minute, join now to become the ‘’most powerful tiger’’ of HeroVerse 😉✊

Good luck!!🍀🍀🍀