I CAN'T BUT WE CAN: Tower Conquest Contest - Rules & Reward

I CAN'T BUT WE CAN: Tower Conquest Contest - Rules & Reward

After the teaser was revealed, we’ve received a lot of applications from players with some cool names. We know you guys are very excited and eager to play right away. Without further ado, here's the rules and awards:

1. Grand Prize

a. Rules:

1️⃣ Players participate in TOWER CONQUEST mode (HES entrance).

2️⃣ Each player will be scored based on the number of floors passed (1 floor = 1 point).

3️⃣ The event duration is 7 days. However, the total final score of each team will only be calculated based on the 3 days with the highest score. This means that each team needs to participate for at least 3/7 days.

4️⃣ For teams participating in the Tower for more than 3 days, we will automatically select 3 days with the highest score to calculate the total final score

  • For example: Team A's daily score is as follows

Day 1: 8,9,10

Day 2: 4,5,6

Day 3: 6,7,8

Day 4: 5,6,7

Thus, team A’s day 1,3,4 score will be chosen and the final total score of team A is 66.

In case two teams score the same points after the contest, total moves on the highest floor on each day will be counted. The team with a less total move wins.

b. How to join?

Step 1: Gather your friends and form a team of 3 members

Step 2: The team representative fill in this FORM (1 form per team)

Step 3: Have fun conquering the tower with your friends

c. Time: 0:00 UTC 27/02/2022 - 0:00 UTC 06/03/2022

d. Reward

  • 02 Grand Prize for 02 teams with the highest final score

_Top 1: Each team member will have their quota reset for 01 hero they choose (no limit on the rarity rate)

_Top 2: Each team member will receive 2 Hero Shards (HRS)

  • 05 Busy Bee Prize awarded to 05 "hardworking" players who participate in all 7 days of the contest, with a reward of 1500HER/player (random selection)

2. Lucky Prize

a. Rules

Users participate in this event by guessing the total score of the top 1 team.

Three users with the closest guess score will receive the prize of 2000 HER, 1000 HER, 500 HER, respectively.

b. How to join?

Step 1: Follow all of our social media

🚀 Twitter: https://twitter.com/heroverse_game

🚀 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heroverse.offical

🚀 Facebook Official Community: ​​https://www.facebook.com/groups/heroversegame/

🚀 Instagram: https://instagram.com/heroverse.official

🚀 Telegram Official Group: http://t.me/heroverse_game

🚀 Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/heroverse_ann

🚀 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7czMvfYmx4

🚀 YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HeroVerseOfficialChannel

Step 2: Like our pinned post on Twitter, write your predicted score and tag 2 friends in the comment section

Step 3: ​​Retweet/Quote tweet our pinned post on Twitter with hashtag #HeroVerse #TowerConquest #ICantButWeCan $HER $HES

c. Time: 12:00 UTC 26/02/2022 - 0:00 UTC 06/03/2022

Note: Players can apply for both Grand and Lucky prizes

Only 1 day left before the event starts, I guess our players are all excited. Whether you are aiming for the Grand prize or the Lucky prize, I suggest you prepare now because the battle will be fierce 😈 Good luck!



Q: I have multiple accounts. Can I use 3 of them to form a team?

A: Yes. Please make sure you use 3 different accounts. One duplicate account is not counted as a valid team.

Q: Am I required to play Tower Conquest mode all seven days?

A: No. But each team needs to participate for at least 3/7 days.

Q: How will one day's score be calculated when only 1 or 2 team members play?

The team's total score is calculated based on the achievement points of the playing members. Any member who does not play will be scored 0.

Q: Is there a date limit to fill out the form?

The application form is open till the end of the contest. You can apply for both Grand and Lucky prizes.