$HES Is Officially Listed On Pancakeswap

$HES Is Officially Listed On Pancakeswap

Howdy our heroes aka HeroVerse Community

We are thrilled to announce that our $HES in-game token will be listed on Pancakeswap on the 7th of November.

As you have already known, you will need $HER as a pre-require to start the game but $HES will also be needed during the game for hero upgradation and event participation.

When: 7th of November

Where: Pancakeswap - Dextool

Please note that you must use the BUSD / HES pair to purchase our $HES.

Price: 1 $HES = 0.025$

HES Contract: 0x215fab3842bfa19dc0dd7248746c0ab72a8fe813

$HES Value

As you know, in order to start playing HeroVerse, players are required to purchase a team of four heroes in $HER. However, when you play the game, you will receive $HES as a reward for your achievement. Also, please note that HeroVerse is a long-term project, which means the longer you play, the higher profit you can earn, leading to the shorter time of capital recovery and profit earning.

$HES Burning Mechanism

All $HES used for hero upgradation and event participation will be burned. These tokens will be transferred into a frozen private address called a Burn address. It’s a one-way address with no ability to reverse the transaction or withdraw the coins - the burn address to which the tokens are sent can never be recovered because there is no private key corresponding to that address. After burning, no one can touch that amount of burned $HES token.