"Time flies fast when we're having fun" is not only a quote by Albert Einstein but also a reality that HeroVerse Team has experienced so far. Looking back on September, we probably find it mind-blowing that we have reached so many milestones in just four months. The project had ups and downs as a part of such a reality. However, we managed to stick to the roadmap thanks to the support and enthusiasm of our community.

As the year of 2021 is about to come to an end, let us sit down together and review some outstanding achievements in 2021.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on September 23

At that time, HeroVerse was known for its successful fundraising of $1.7 million, joined by prominent investors in the blockchain and NFT space. Following the fundraising, the IDO began on 23rd September on RedKite and GameFi - two of the leading platforms. The IDO finished with astonishing results: $HER token jumped to top #1 trending on Dextool.io after 17 minutes; $HER price skyrocketed to 12 times, and total volume hit $8,500,000 after 24 hours. The IDO proved that HeroVerse was a promising NFT game project.

$HER Staking on September 25

Starting from September 25 to October 25, the $HER Staking Campaign allowed users to stake an amount of token, which would be locked until October 25. After stake time, users would get back such amount plus 20% APY plus up to three Heroes. Although no minimum stake was required, their stake amount would affect their profit and hero rarity.
$HER Staking Campaign proved itself a great way to maximize users' holdings that would have otherwise just sat in their HeroVerse account. After staking their assets, users can earn staking benefits on their holdings and grow them further in the future.

First Hero Box Sale on September 29

When unboxing Hero Box, users would receive a unique hero because it comprises five different parts, which helps users increase the hero variants. Furthermore, each hero was meticulously designed with a stunning and unique look that people cannot take their eyes off.
Launched on September 29, Hero Box Sale helps users prepare themselves with powerful Heroes, learn more about Heroes' characteristics and create game strategies long before the release.

Open Beta Test on October 16

Launched on October 16, Open Beta Test showcased its most delicate features to the public, giving enthusiasts the chance to experience the game in the middle of development. That was also a good occasion for HeroVerse Team to receive constructive feedback from users and prepare the game well before the official release.
As expected, the Open Beta Test attracted more than 10 thousand downloads and around 2 thousand active players and even created a whole new community in Russia. Such success made everyone feel confident about the game's future, from HeroVerse Team Members to players.

Hero Farming on October 25

Officially released on October 25, Hero Farming is a kind of liquidity farming that allows users to earn an additional yield through an NFT-based reward. Hero Farming’s rewards are utility-based NFT tokens, which, when held, provide exclusive benefits to the asset holder. Specifically, when HeroVerse’s players farm heroes, they will receive HER or HES based on the farming types that they choose.
Hero Farming became one of the most discussed topics in HeroVerse Community and one of the most asked questions during AMAs. This feature was indeed a marketing bomb in the pre-release phase.

Official Release on November 11

HeroVerse Official Version was released on November 11 when every aspect of the game was perfected, from cutting-edge graphics, immersive gameplay, initiative play-and-earn mechanism, and top-notch performance on every device.
HeroVerse Beta Test attracted over 10,000 downloads and has over 2,000 active players. Major users joining the Beta Test give thousands of positive feedback about its ready-to-play game with stunning graphics.
In addition, HeroVerse provides an addictive gameplay concept and an easy to earn mechanism. Typically, a game will last for about two to three minutes, which means each player can continuously play at least 20 games and receive 20 rewards in an hour. There would be no other easy money than this.

Tower Conquest on December 23

Tower Conquest is a daily arena where players compete against five other players to pass through stages in the Tower and receive HER and HES. Each stage works quite similarly to Battle mode. Sounds normal, huh? No!

What makes Tower Conquest special is that you cannot use your line-up as usual. Instead, the Tower will show you some RANDOM heroes, and you have to choose four to form a whole NEW line-up dedicated to Tower Conquest.

The new line-up is LESS powerful than one in Battle mode and can ONLY get strengthened by Buffs after clearing a stage. This will pose a massive challenge since you have to overcome power limitations and adapt to a new play style. However, to avoid making players frustrated, Tower Conquest allows players to retry as many as possible to clear a stage.

Players need to pay $HER 100/day to join Tower Conquest. The higher the stage players reach, the higher reward they receive. Three top players who surpass other players and reach the highest stage will get the most bonus in $HER, which may be higher than the initial $HER 100; otherwise, the other three players who sit at the bottom may receive LITTLE TO NO REWARD. As a result, these competitive rules urge players to push their limits to become the best among the six.

Listing on MEXC on December 28

HeroVerse's native token $HER was officially listed on MEXC on December 28. This was a remarkable move of the HeroVerse team to keep the long-awaited promise with the players. Despite the results, the listing proved that HeroVerse Project is strong enough to keep up with the roadmap and could break through its boundaries to become stronger and stronger in the future.


When this article was published, 2021 was probably over in some countries or about to end in other countries. Through this recap of 2021 events, we HeroVerse Team members want to express our gratitude towards you players/users for your long-lasting support. We could not have obtained these remarkable achievements without you guys and even missed the roadmap.

In the following year, 2022, we will do our best to deliver the most refined product to you guys. Please remember that we still have a long journey ahead, and there is much room for development. HeroVerse pledges growth and satisfaction.

Again, thank you all for supporting HeroVerse Project!



HeroVerse is the first Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Game on Binance Smart Chain. It makes use of the Play-and-Earn model by focusing more on gameplay, 3rd art design, and user experience. Players can form a squad of 4 heroes to enter the battle, explore the lore of the adventure and earn crypto rewards.

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