Dear our heroes aka HeroVerse Community,

HeroVerse is currently well on its way to being a success story for our Development Team. Despite the fact that the price of HER, our native token, is experiencing a downtrend at the moment, it is still under control of the team since we are considering it as a preparation step for various upcoming events. We are working really hard to build the marketing strategy and bring HeroVerse to its right value. Thus, this announcement aims to bring the most updated upcoming milestones of HeroVerse to the community so that you guys can know the actual status of the project.

Upcoming Events Update

We would love to update our upcoming events in late October and November.

  • RIFI United Whitelist Winner Release - October 29
  • Second Hero Box Sale - Early November

We intend to open the Second Hero Box Sale within 5 days starting from early November. However, the number of boxes for sale is limited with the main purpose of doing marketing events to reach out to new communities that we are planning to open in the near future.

  • List HES - Early November
  • Game Release - Mid November
  • CEX listing - Late November

Please keep an eye out for those updates on our website and social platforms for more information.

Appreciation from HeroVerse to our Community Members

With our achievements up to now, we would love to say thank you to all of our community members for trusting and supporting us during this time. We appreciate your interest and support during the past time. We hope that you will continue to accompany us in the development of HeroVerse in the future.

Thank you and best regards,

HeroVerse Team