HeroVerse: The Phoenix - Hotfix

HeroVerse: The Phoenix - Hotfix

Hello Heroes!

We have a hot update for the HeroVerse app to provide you guys with a better version of The Phoenix.

  1. Optimize the login UI

There are two login sections to select if you are a crypto player or a traditional player.

If you are already a crypto player, please create an account on our website, then you can log in right away. If you're a traditional player, please sign in via Game Center (on iOS) or Google Play (on Android)

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2. Adjust the price of non-NFT heroes to $2.99

After review, we decided to lower non-NFT heroes' prices (heroes sold via in-app purchase) to make them more accessible to traditional players.

Details on the difference between NFT heroes (sold on the Marketplace) and non-NFT heroes (sold via IAP), their HES Bonus, and the rate of earning HES will be announced soon. Please stay tuned!

3. Add popup information

No more confused even though you are a new member. Here comes the pop-up guidelines to help you step-by-step playing and earning with HeroVerse.

That’s all about today’s update. If you like these updates, don’t forget to rate us 5 ⭐️ on Google Play and App Store cause it mean a lot to us!