We have been through many significant milestones since HER token first launched in September 2021, marking the beginning of this new epic odyssey - HeroVerse.

  • IDO
  • Hero Staking V1
  • Hero Box Sale
  • Marketplace
  • Open Beta Test
  • Hero Farming
  • Official game release
  • Tower conquest mode
  • CEX listing

With new updates in the game economy, HeroVerse gladly introduces the Roadmap for 2022 since it will be an exciting year with striking development in HeroVerse game features.

Q1 2022: Update new version in HeroVerse app

A big update denotes the completion of the new game economy towards the sustainable development of HeroVerse. After available on Google Play Store, HeroVerse is expected for the game approval of App Store that will affirm our product's quality and build a solid foundation to leap into the future of NFT games.

As mentioned in the last announcement, non-crypto players can now buy heroes directly in the app and can convert themselves to crypto-players at any time by using the Crystallize feature. Besides, Marketplace Version 2 will be launched in March along with the release of the Referral feature, which is an excellent earning mechanism to give directly to our dedicated players/users.

Q2 2022: Release NFT items

Striving to provide users with an outstanding gaming experience, we are thrilled to announce that NFT items will be released in Jun 2022. The all-new awesome items will increase the strategic aspect of the gameplay, making tactics and skills in the game more diverse than ever.

Also, in the second quarter, players can challenge themselves with Hard mode and participate in many community events to get more valuable rewards.

Q3 2022: Launch Clan mode

The exciting Clan mode will be available in August before the PvP feature goes live in the fourth quarter. A Clan is an organized group of players who combine their skills and experience, play together, and contribute to upgrading the Clan.

New maps in Campaign and Hard mode will also be regularly unlocked in this quarter so that players can continuously conquer the new adventure in HeroVerse.

Q4 2022: Launch PvP mode and Governance

Through all the above steps, HeroVerse will release the most awaited mode: PvP, in which players can compete against each other to increase their rank. The higher the rank, the bigger the reward.

Also in this quarter, HER holders will have a big step forward HeroVerse development with the establishment of Governance. At this point, holders are essential shareholders of HeroVerse and can therefore govern the project's future trajectory.

Accompanying all the milestones envisaged in the roadmap, HeroVerse will constantly cooperate with major partners and have more marketing activities to bring HeroVerse to its real value. Please stay tuned to step our game up in 2022!

About HeroVerse

HeroVerse is the first Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Game on Binance Smart Chain. It makes use of the Play-and-Earn model by focusing more on gameplay, 3rd art design, and user experience. Players can form a squad of 4 heroes to enter the battle, explore the lore of the adventure and earn crypto rewards.

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