HeroVerse - November Spotlight

HeroVerse - November Spotlight

November has passed, and it was indeed a busy month for our team HeroVerse. However, great responsibility came with great outcomes. We successfully listed $HES on Pancakeswap, released our Official Game, got approved by Google Play Store, held two Hero Box Sale events and two community events, and achieved an impressive social media presence.

We also have been making considerable progress in order to firmly follow our published roadmap and achieve our milestones. Launching $HES, our in-game token before the game release was what our players have been longing for. Therefore, on the first day of $HES IDO, we significantly received recognition from NFT communities with Top 1 Biggest Gainers on CoinMarketCap and Top 1 Trending On Dextool. We appreciate your support and are overjoyed that we have been coming closer to our success story over a short time. We want to celebrate this month’s achievements with you - our heroes aka HeroVerse Community - and wish for future successes of the project.

HeroVerse - Official Game Release

HeroVerse Official Game was launched on November 11 on multiple devices (PC and mobiles including iOS and Android) attracting more than 5,000 game downloads in the first 30 minutes of release with players from more than 80 countries all over the world.

To celebrate the early success of our game, we also ran a Welcome New Members in-game event for our very first players to join in the first week after launching, from Nov 11 to Nov 17. Participating in that event, users would receive an extra 10% of $HES in Daily Quest, which was a great chance for them to win a big bag of $HES tokens.

HeroVerse Game Got Approved by Google Play Store

Two weeks after the game release, we are overjoyed to be approved by Google Play Store, which is an important step for our upcoming development. Taking the advantage of that important milestone, HeroVerse Game affirms our product quality and opens up a whole new customer base of casual gamers, along with crypto-users. Google’s Android operating system has over a billion active users. After the game's approval on Google Play Store, we are attracting a large number of new users approaching our project.

Hero Box Sale

In November, HeroVerse ran two NFT selling events: Hero Box Sale Ver 2 and Hero Box Sale Ver3

Hero Box Sale Ver 2

1000 boxes were sold in five days, from November 2 to November 6. Each day we only sold a limited number of boxes, 200, which aimed at grabbing the attention of HeroVerse’s newcomers. Hero Box Sale V2 is too hot; 200 boxes per day were sold out very fast.

  • Day 1: Sold out in 30 seconds
  • Day 2: Sold out in one minute and a half
  • Day 3: Sold out in 1 minute
  • Day 4: Sold out in 45 seconds
  • Day 5: Sold out in 30 seconds

Hero Box Sale Ver 3

Last week, the HeroVerse Team decided to launch our Hero Box Sale Ver3 and successfully achieved our goal. 1,000 Hero Boxes were sold in five days, from November 17 to November 21. Hero Box Sale Ver3 event grabbed such a large attention that the total time boxes sold out was  counted in seconds. Noticeably, on the third day of the event, 100 hero boxes were sold out in 3 seconds while on the fourth day, 100 boxes ran out in 4 seconds.

Community Event

In November, HeroVerse ran two major community events: Titan Hunter Whitelist for HeroVerse community and Tower Conquest Mode Guessing Game.

Titan Hunter Whitelist for HeroVerse Community

After 3 days for the $TITA Whitelist Application, we have received almost 500 valid applications that followed all steps mentioned in the Requirement. 20 lucky winners have been selected and have a superior chance of purchasing 50 USD in $TITA at its community pool.

Tower Conquest Mode - Guessing Game

In the meantime waiting for the Tower Conquest mode release, we would like to introduce a mini game where users can guess about the new mode’s features. The guessing game will last for three days, from November 29 to December 1. Two days of guessing games have passed and we received more than 200 guesses every day. Three players who make the closest guess compared to our released features will be rewarded 20 BUSD each.


This October, our project was honorably featured on NewsBTC, Binance Smart Chain News and BTCManager.

"Recently, HeroVerse has just announced the release date of its official product at 7:00 AM UTC, November 11. After the surge in $HES token price, in game tokens, after listing, HeroVerse is considered such a promising play-and-earn project for its users. As a celebration for its game release, HeroVerse is offering early players with multiple in-game events, which attracts more newcomers to its project," posted by NewsBTC

"HeroVerse is set to launch its official game on November 11th, after their native token was listed and enjoyed important attention.Upon listing $HES, the in-game token for HeroVerse, the project gained traction as one of the  ‘biggest gainers’ on CoinMarketCap. Though the project remains in its infancy, the initial development appears to have progressed well," posted by BSCNews.

"It is reported that only a few NFT games are approved by Google Play Store since the reviewing process requires multiple documents and explanations. Thus, being approved by Google Play Store is a new important step for any NFT Game in the blockchain universe. Taking the advantage of that important milestone, HeroVerse Game affirms its product quality and proves to be a potential and promising Play-and-Earn game for its players. Besides, Google Play Store launch will delight Android users," posted by BTCManager.

December Upcoming Events

  • CEX Listing

We know that you all have been waiting for this breaking news for a long time. Whenever we post an announcement, we receive numerous questions from you guys regarding a listing of HER tokens on the Centralized Exchange. The listing is under review and will be ready for trading soon. We will update you with specific details about the listing on our social media.