HeroVerse Guide: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game

HeroVerse Guide: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game

Dear our heroes aka HeroVerse Community,

As the Official Game is going to be launched on November 11, multiple users are eager to experience HeroVerse Game and also curious about the game strategy to maximise their winning rate. Thus, we would like to share some gaming strategies here to fully prepare HeroVerse Community for the Game Release this Thursday.

Game Strategy

Players are required to own at least four heroes to form a squad  in a team. A squad is not compulsory to have to be composed of all four different elements. It depends on players’ preference for playstyle and construction. However, it is advisable that players should choose four heroes from four elements to maximise their winning rate.

In HeroVerse, normally heroes are divided into 3 main roles: Damage Dealer, Tanker, and Supporter. Damage Dealers are heroes with high Attack Power and attacking active skills that deal large amounts of damage. Tankers are heroes with high Health Points and active skills that increase defense for themselves and their teammates. Supporters are heroes who are strong in skills to control opponents and support both attack and defense for the team. No matter what users’ playstyle is, it is advisable that players should have at least one Supporter with healing skill in the team.

Campaign Strategy

During the battle, there is a target adjustment function - a red circle - which players can adjust to choose the target they want to put the damage on. In addition, users are advised to use their heroes’ skills on one strongest enemy. Please note that do not waste those attacks on the ones with low Health Point because the excess damage will not be transferred to other enemies. Besides, when playing, remember to use your skills as effectively as possible such as using wide area skills when there are enough enemy troops, or healing the whole team's Health Point when there are four heroes, or dealing damage to the strongest enemy, etc.

Daily Raid Strategy

When fighting with bosses in Daily Raid, you should choose a Hero that has the ability to buff blood, buff armor and stun to assist the team to hold out as long as possible. Also, please remember to avoid using heroes with wide-range skills because you only need to fight with one boss.


  • Players should consider Crypto Medal to select their team. Remember to choose heroes whose crypto medals increase during the day to increase their damage.
  • Do not let blocks of the same type overlap to avoid wasting them, for example, two horizontal bombs in the same row, two vertical bombs in the same column.

How do you feel about our gaming strategy recommendations? Do you have any other helpful strategies? Please do not hesitate to share with us.