As Heroverse is being accepted and known by more and more people, the need to learn about the game is increasing. To help new players learn about the game quickly and effortlessly, we're excited to announce that HeroVerse Dictionary is now available - a treasure of HeroVerse knowledge right at HeroVerse Official Community on Telegram.

Basically, this feature works as an online dictionary. It includes a wide range of keywords, allowing players to look up and get answers about all HeroVerse features/terms instantly on the Telegram platform. With the help of the dear Rose bot, from now on, when you or another player has questions, there is no need to wait for others or search around different websites looking for an answer. All you need to do is type:


The 24/7 available bot Rose will immediately send you official information about the above keyword.

For example:
If a player asks ''What is the HES bonus'', you can help them by send ''#hesbonus''
Bot Rose will appear and send you the answer in no time: ''HES Bonus (or quota), in short, is one hero's limit of earned $HES. Initially, all heroes start at 0 cumulative on total HES Bonus (for example, 0/10000). ) HES rewards of each hero will drop to 2 percent when the HES bonus is maxed out.''

The keyword list will be updated continuously by the HeroVerse team. Below is the current keyword list:

  • welcome
  • HER
  • HES
  • fusedhero
  • HESBonus
  • herorarityrate
  • download
  • getnewheroes
  • cryptomedal
  • hometown
  • crystallize
  • #download
  • #inapppurchase
  • #herobox
  • #referral
  • #contract
  • #trialhero
  • #nonnfthero
  • #normalhero
  • #howtostart

The Dictionary feature is now available on HeroVerse's official Telegram community. In the future, we will develop this feature on all local communities in the local languages, including Vietnam, Philippines, China, Russia, Spanish, Japan, Korea, etc. So stay tuned!

I don't know about you but I am really excited. Click HERE to join our dynamic community and experience this feature right now 😎