HeroVerse - Beta Test Guideline

HeroVerse - Beta Test Guideline

Congratulations on winning HeroVerse Beta Testing Whitelist. You are now HeroVerse First Class to experience the HeroVerse game.

All information of winners is revealed HERE

Also, please note that users staking from 4,000 HER will automatically receive 5,000 HER in Testnet when the Beta Test is released.

As we have been receiving multiple questions from our community, we have come to a decision about the Beta Test Guidelines.

Instruction for our Testnet Beta


  • Everything in this beta test isn’t Official (heroes, token, rewards, etc…)
  • Since it’s running on Testnet, so no playing progress will be saved
  • Each player will be assigned with 5,000 HER to start playing
  • If you are in the whitelist or staked from 4,000 HER but haven’t received the token, please send your wallet address to Telegram account @heroverse_tech

STEP 1: Set up BSC Testnet in your Metamask Wallet

  • Choose Setting in the main screen of Metamask
  • Choose network from the menu and click add new network.

  • To add testnet Binance smart chain network follow the steps:

Network Name: Smart Chain - Testnet

New RPC URL: https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/

ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.bscscan.com

  • Click save to add Binance smart chain testnet.

STEP 2: Claim 1 BNB in BNB faucet by adding your wallet address via link:


STEP 3: Add HER, HRS and HES tokens in your Testnet Wallet by adding our contract:

  • HER: 0x9a1c367dd9BF9C1d6692eD05De54dB8886f864cB
  • HRS: 0x05900085989579d7261bf8b2A1fB4d249263BED0
  • HES: 0xDFEBe85b1b79D6020EE0Aa7953240d03518b7D76

STEP 4: Create a game account

  • Connect Wallet on Testnet
  • Access https://beta-app.heroverse.io/
  • Click Create Game Account button and fill your information
  • Click Create button
  • Click the Sign button from Metamask to create a digital signature for your wallet. Don’t worry, this will not create any fee

STEP 5: Buy a HeroVerse Box to open your heroes.

Buy Heroes here: https://beta-app.heroverse.io/hero-sale

You should only buy a box of 10 Heroes. Save HER to spend for other quests such as Awaken or Summon. An ideal HeroVerse team should include four heroes in four different elements: blue, red, green and purple.

A team should include four heroes in four different elements‌‌

STEP 6: Download HeroVerse Beta Test and sign in your game account.

GamePlay Guideline

Basically, your goal is to keep your heroes alive after killing all of the enemies. You need to match the items in the game board to make your heroes attack. The longer the chain you make (in straight, diagonal, horizontal lines), the stronger the heroes attack. In one battle, you need 4 heroes at the same time to fight with the enemies. After the battle, your heroes will lose their stamina and need time to recover before taking a new battle.

Typically, the game's flow requires you to fight in battles, win, and get rewards such as HES to purchase things or upgrade heroes.

In this Beta Test, HeroVerse is excited to release Hero Upgradation, Hero Awaken and Summon Features.

  • Hero Upgradation:

In order to upgrade a hero, players have to win the battles and use HES tokens. The more upgraded heroes are, the more strength and power they have. However, the subsequent upgrade will cost more than the previous ones.

  • Hero Awaken:

When a hero reaches its max level, it needs to be awakened to boost its strength. In order to awake your heroes, players are required to spend 10 HER each time. Every time a hero is awakened, it will produce a hero shard (HRS) which can be collected and used for hero summoning.

  • Summon

Summon feature is used to create a new hero in the game. In order to summon a new hero, users need to spend 80 HER and 4 Hero Shards (HRS).

HeroVerse Beta Test will commence today at 12:00 PM UTC October 11. Are you ready to experience our game?

Besides trying the game itself, don’t forget that HeroVerse Beta Test also comes with Community events to get the Rewards of 5,000 USD. Follow our channels to be updated with the latest news.

Don’t miss your chance! Play now or cry later!!!

About HeroVerse

HeroVerse is the pioneer to bring the top-grossing mobile game genre to the blockchain space.

Gameplay combines Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy. Inspired by the concept of Empire & Puzzles and Candy Crush, the HeroVerse Developer Team aims at creating a hyper-casual game that is easy to understand, simple to play, and entertaining to users. Moreover, HeroVerse also focuses on prominent RPG features: exploring and looting. Thus, It is more about how the characters evolve as they interact with the narrative. Besides, HeroVerse is designed as a Play-and-Earn business model embracing both users’ economy’s sake and the gaming experience itself. Needless to say, HeroVerse is such a game worth waiting for this Autumn.

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