Hero Sale Box Ver3 Is Officially Aired - Start Purchasing Now

Hero Sale Box Ver3 Is Officially Aired - Start Purchasing Now

Dear our Heroes!

We are thrilled to announce that Hero Box Sale V3 will officially launch on our website at 3 AM UTC tomorrow, November 17. The specific link will be updated later. We would like to disclose all the details here to fully prepare the HeroVerse community for the big event coming ahead.

Note: Hero Boxes in Ver3 will be sold in $BUSD because $HER price has been fluctuating recently while $BUSD is always stable. All $BUSD tokens from Hero Box Sale V3 will be transferred to $HER before getting burned following our Burning Mechanism.

Number of Box for Sale

The number of heroes for sale in this event is 1,000 in total. However, the number of boxes for sale each day is only 200 boxes with a fixed price starting from 100 $BUSD per box.

Selling Time

Selling period will last for five days, from November 17 to November 21.

Every day, 200 boxes will be divided by half and sold at two different times as below:

  • 3 AM UTC: 100 boxes
  • 12 PM UTC: 100 boxes

Each player needs to own at least four heroes to play and earn rewards. Prepare your $BUSD and get ready for the sales event.

Hero Box Categories

There are only two types of Hero Boxes in this third wave: Standard Box, and Deluxe Box. Premium Box containing 10 heroes will not be available in this event.

The currency of the second Hero Box Sale is $BUSD with the specific prices as mentioned below:

  • Standard Box: 1 hero costing 100 $BUSD
  • Deluxe Box: 4 heroes costing 400 $BUSD

Any users who missed the First and Second Hero Box Sales, hurry up and grab yourself a hero team to play and earn with HeroVerse Official Game. Do not miss your big chance!!!