Hero Box Sale Ver2 Recap - ALL SOLD OUT

Hero Box Sale Ver2 Recap - ALL SOLD OUT

Dear our heroes aka HeroVerse Community,

We’re just under a week out from the Game Release, and we hope you’re all excited! As you may know, Hero Box Sale Ver2 is one of our events preparing for the official product launch.  And it was such a great experience for us that you paid a lot of attention to the second version of Hero Sale. We’re overwhelmed by the interest and happy to announce that ALL THE HERO BOXES are SOLD OUT.

1000 boxes have been sold in five days, from November 2 to November 6. Each day we only sold a limited number of boxes, 200, which aimed at grabbing the attention of HeroVerse’s newcomers. And we are more than happy to announce that we actually did it. Hero Box Sale V2 is too hot; 200 boxes per day were sold out very fast.

  • Day 1: Sold out in 30 seconds
  • Day 2: Sold out in one minute and a half
  • Day 3: Sold out in 1 minute
  • Day 4: Sold out in 45 seconds
  • Day 5: Sold out in 30 seconds

Any users who missed than chance in Hero Box Sale Ver2, don’t worry, you still can purchase a hero team in our Marketplace via <LINK>

Prepare yourself with at least four heroes to experience the official product on time. Many advantages for early birds, please wait!!!