Everything You Need To Know About HeroVerse Game Economy

Everything You Need To Know About HeroVerse Game Economy

Hello our Heroes - HeroVerse Community,

As shared in the last announcement, change is necessary and needs to be prioritized to achieve a greater advantage in the future. Today, we would love to give you guys details about the updated game economy of HeroVerse so that you can better understand our vision.

First, let's get to know the HeroVerse Community Treasury and its role in the HeroVerse Ecosystem.

HeroVerse Community Treasury

About HeroVerse Community Treasury

Fees & Sales

All fees and direct sales from HeroVerse will be deposited in the Treasury, including:

  • 5% Marketplace fee (BNB)
  • 5% Tower Conquest entry fee (HER, HES)
  • Hero Box Sales Revenue (BUSD)
  • $HER Staking (HER)

You are able to track all activities from HeroVerse Community Treasury via the contract: <Link will be updated later>

What is the Community Treasury used for?

Having a Community treasury indicates HeroVerse has a new optimal direction without being dependent on the market. The purpose of the Treasury is as follows:

  • Pay rewards from staking & farming
  • Buyback HER, HES

The size of the Treasury is associated with the development of the project. HER holders can then vote on how the treasury funds are used to build the future of the game (Governance).

HeroVerse Ecosystem
In general, new updates on the game economy benefit both existing and new players. For existing players, these updates help to stable HER, HES; increase NFT liquidity and raise the number of game events. Likewise, new players can easily access the game and can convert themself to crypto-players at any time (for traditional players).

The first is to simplify the earn mechanism and increase the reward in-game. Since the awakening and summoning mechanism required multiple steps, which are confusing for newbies in balancing HES to level up and hoarding HES for profit (Upgrade heroes => Awake => Claim 4 shards => Summon), this feature will be temporarily disabled. The profit from summoning heroes will be converted to in-game profits as the new game economy helps stabilize HES and ensures ROI for players.

About “Play More To Be More” Campaign

Next, to optimize Community Treasury development as well as to reach more new players, including non-crypto players, we are delighted to announce the campaign "Play more to be more" and introduce some updates on game mechanisms.

Hero Box Sales

The HeroVerse new economy is created in association with the entry of more new players, who are required to have Heroes to get started. Therefore, a permanent Hero Box Sale is necessary to make it readily accessible to new players. Hero Box will be sold in BUSD/USD so that the box price does not fluctuate according to the market.

In addition, there will be a feature for non-crypto players to create accounts and buy heroes directly in the HeroVerse app in USD (In-app purchase), which corresponds to BUSD in Marketplace.

Also, the Hero Box price is carefully reviewed compared to the hero's price on the Marketplace. Over time, we will adjust the box price to shift the economy toward growth and sustainability through demand from existing players.


  • Heroes purchased directly from the app can be upgraded and participate in most of the game's features and can only be traded or farmed after players convert/crystallize them.
  • The payment token for heroes traded on Marketplace will be BNB.

Crystallize feature - What is a crystallized hero?

When a traditional player buys a Hero in the app, the system will generate the corresponding NFT and save it on the game contract. After the traditional player creates 1 BSC wallet, they can use the Crystallize feature to get NFT back to their wallet and full access to the hero's functionality. Crystallize a hero requires HER as a payment fee.

Fused Hero (Hero Burning Mechanism)

The purpose of launching this fused feature is to help prevent hero inflation.

To understand this feature, we need to first understand what 'quota' is. Quota, in short, is one hero's limit of earned HES. Each hero will have a different total quota depending on its rarity, pet, and hometown. The more "cooler" those factors are, the larger the quota is.

Initially, all heroes start at 0 cumulative on total quotas. When a hero reaches its quota, the hero's HES earning rate will plummet which means the player will not get 100% of the HES earned from a battle.

To increase the quota or rate of HES received for each hero, you will need other heroes to fuse to increase the quota. Fused heroes are low-level, weak heroes that you no longer use. And of course, the hero that received the above fuses is the most used and most earned hero on the team.

Via this update, HeroVerse introduces many new features that affirm the long-term direction to be a sustainable Play-and-Earn game. To deeper understand all of these new features, please stay tuned for further announcements and don't miss our next internal AMA so that you can ask us everything you want to know about where we're heading!

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