What’s the difference between Hero Box in app and on Marketplace?

What’s the difference between Hero Box in app and on Marketplace?

🎁 Surely after the Hero Box was opened for sale, you guys must feel really confused since the price of the box in the app and on the marketplace is different?

🤔 You might wonder if there are any similarities or differences between these heroes besides the price? Can you buy heroes in both places?... And many many other questions❓

👏 Don’t worry! We’ve got your back! Kindly check the table below to get more information:

Box In-app

Box on Marketplace 


Non-crypto or Traditional Players

Crypto Players

Type of hero 

Non-NFT Hero

NFT Hero 




HES Bonus

= 10% of NFT hero

As usual

Rate HES

= 50% of NFT hero

= 50% Reward 



Via Marketplace 

Crystallize (convert non-NFT to NFT heroes) 

Coming soon 

No need 

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Box In-app for Non-crypto Players‌‌
Box on Marketplace for Crypto Players‌‌

👉Some players might ask: What about my trial heroes?

These are also non-NFT heroes, which are freely available to non-crypto players. These heroes have HES Bonus = 50 each, cannot be upgraded or used to fuse other heroes and vice versa.


1. Can Traditional players earn using non-NFT heroes?

Yes, they can. However, the amount they earned is smaller compared to Crypto players with NFT heroes.

2. What is ‘’Crystallize’’?

When a traditional player buys a Hero in the app, the system will generate the corresponding NFT and save it on the game contract. After the traditional player creates 1 BSC wallet, they can use the Crystallize feature to get NFT back to their wallet and full access to the hero's functionality. Crystallizing a hero requires HER as a payment fee.

Hope this article has helped answer your questions about the difference between the 2 types of boxes. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to comment or send them to the HeroVerse team, we will try to answer all of it.

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