What is $HES?

As you may know, there are two types of tokens available in HeroVerse: $HER and $HES. $HER are pre-minted tokens that holders use to purchase Heroes and Hero Box. $HES tokens are in-game tokens that can be obtained by farming or as rewards after winning the battles. $HES is spent for Hero upgradation.

How to get $HES

Hero Farming:

Hero Farming can be earned daily based on the number of heroes and HER or HES users farm before. Specifically, everyday players can let their heroes do daily quests to make profits. There are six quest levels (level E - D - C - B - A - S) corresponding to six rarity rates of heroes. The rarer the hero, the higher quest level users can reach, leading to the higher profits earned per day.

Join the HeroVerse Official Game

The second method to earn $HES is participating in the HeroVerse Official Game, which will be released on November 11. Typically, the game's flow requires users to fight in battles, win, and get rewards, $HES, to purchase things or upgrade heroes.

$HES Burning Mechanism

100% of $HES used for hero upgradation will be burned. These tokens will be transferred into a frozen private address called a Burn address. It’s a one-way address with no ability to reverse the transaction or withdraw the coins - the burn address to which the tokens are sent can never be recovered because there is no private key corresponding to that address. After burning, no one can touch that amount of burned $HES token.

In the beginning, we only minted a certain amount of $HES with the initial $HES price being 0.025$, equalling to ⅙ $HER price. As the $HES demand is surging at the moment, the team is considering minting more $HES to meet the needs of players.

However, please note that the problem is if we mint too much $HES now or when users win so many games that the tokens exceed the controllable number. This is when the $HES inflation issue arises. The HeroVerse Development Team has also prepared for that situation and developed the mechanism of using these tokens for hero upgradation, reducing the inflation rate in $HES tokens.