3 levels of earning with 3 types of Hero

3 levels of earning with 3 types of Hero

Are you playing 4 trial heroes with a small HES earning limit?

1️⃣ Trial Hero: small HES rate, very small HES Bonus, non-upgradable

If you enjoy HeroVerse, you can summon plenty of Normal heroes (Faster Earning) or NFT heroes (Fastest earning and can be traded on our Marketplace)

2️⃣ Normal Hero: small HES rate, bigger HES Bonus, upgradable

No more struggle playing with 4 Trial Heroes. You'll find it easier to join our Campaign after opening Box and customize your own powerful hero lineup

3️⃣ NFT Hero: biggest HES rate, biggest HES Bonus, upgradable

The HES reward increases by 200% as you play with 4 NFT heroes.

For example: You get 11 HES per battle playing with Normal heroes. Now with 4 NFT heroes, the 11-HES-per-battle above turn into 22. Yes, 200% rate in all Campaigns, Daily Quest, and Daily Raid you play.

That's not all!

These NFT heroes are available to be traded on our Marketplace, join Farming, and more!

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About HeroVerse

HeroVerse is the first Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Game on Binance Smart Chain. It makes use of the Play and Earn model by focusing more on game play, 3rd art design and user experience. Players can form a squad of 4 heroes to enter the battle, explore the lore of the adventure and earn crypto rewards.